Coconut Sambola or Pol sambola is one of the popular dishes in Sri Lanka. There are many variations for this tasty Sri Lankan condiment. We prepare pol sambola by grinding red chili powder and other ingredients with grated coconut, and this is great with rice and curry. Sometimes we fry prepared coconut sambola, then it gives another taste and even can keep for few days.

Today recipe is about making coconut sambola with green chili. This sambola is different from other red chili coconut sambola from both taste and appearance. This pol sambola looks white/greenish in colour and well goes with roti or those or even with wade.


Recently I prepared this green chili coconut sambola to serve with roti and I also captured few photos of this Sri Lankan dish to share the recipe here. If you love different chutney recipes or if you love to try Sri Lankan recipes, then keep this recipe in your next ‘to do list’ and don’t forget to try it and let me know the outcome.

Coconut Sambol with Green Chili
Here is the recipe.

Recipe:Sri Lankan Coconut Sambol with Green Chili 

Ingredients (for 4-5 servings)

2 cups Fresh grated coconut
2-3 green chilies
1 sprig curry leaves
3-4 small red onions (shallots)
1 tbspn Lime juice
Salt as per taste


Remove skin of shallots and roughly cut into pieces.
Remove the ends of green chilies. Remove stem of curry leaves.
Grind green chili, shallots, curry leaves and salt together and make a fine paste.
Finally add grated coconut and grind well.
Add lime juice to the coconut paste and mix well.
A tasty green chili sambol is ready to serve with roti.

Tip:Add 2-3 tbspn of water.Then this coconut sambol is perfect with those.(Those Sambol / Dosei sambol)

Coconut Sambol with Green Chili