Sri Lankan sweets are still popular in any special occasion and celebration. That is where all traditional Sri Lankan sweets such as Kawum, kokis , Aluwa add their best taste for the event making the event ceremonial. Among all Sri Lankan celebrations, we cannot forget the April New Year.In this post I want to compile some of Sri Lankan sweets that are must have on any New Year table.(Sri Lankan Kavili Recipes)

What is April New Year or Sinhala & Hindu New Year

Sri Lankan sweets and treats for April New Year

A Sri Lankan April New Year table

If you are a Sri Lankan, what I ask is a stupid question. I donโ€™t have to ask what is April New Year or Sinhala & Hindu New Year from any Sri Lankan. They know it better than me who stay in another country, but still admire the value of Sri Lankan traditions.

But, for the sake of other readers of Food Corner from around the world, I want to share about our Sri Lankan New Year.

In Sri Lanka both Sinhala and Tamil community celebrate New Year which follows with traditions. It is a start of another year. Usually New Year falls on dates ranging between April 12-14th.Each year, there will be auspicious times declared to start celebrations. These auspicious times include time for cooking, eating and even for leaving for work.

You can read more details here about Sri Lankan April New Year

Sri Lankan New Year traditions

Sinhala New year starts with lot of traditions!

Now, we are waiting for the 2017 New Year! Celebrations will begin. For a day, Majority of Sri Lankans will stop cooking at the same time. They will again start cooking again after few hours for the given auspicious time. This is the moment most of the Sri Lankans get united. It is the time for family reunion.

Sinhala New Year Games

Coconut scraping competition is a fun Sinhala New Year Game! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you like to read more about Sinhala New Year games? These traditional games make the celebrations memorable during the April New Year season.

Check this post about Coconut Scraping competition which ladies come into the contest!

Check this post about New Year traditional games of Sri Lanka which I shared in my travel blog.

Kotta pora

Kotta pora (Another traditional game which involves fighting with a pillow) ๐Ÿ™‚

Andโ€ฆyes, it is the time for traditional sweets and otherย  treats to come into the dining table.

If you are getting ready to celebrate the New Year, here are recipes for Sri Lankan traditional sweets and other food which are must have on any Awurudu table.(New Year table)

Sri Lankan Traditional Food for April New Year

Kiribath (Milk Rice)



A table without Kiribath is like a wedding without a bride. Yes, Kiribath is the must have for any New Year table in Sri Lanka.Check Kiribath recipe.

Lunumiris (Katta Sambal)


Katta Sambola (Sri Lankan Chili Paste)

Katta Sambola (Sri Lankan Chili Paste)

Well, you may avoid this. But without this Sri Lankan chilli paste ,you will not enjoy Kiribath. It is spicy and hot. It will make you reddish. But, you need to have freaking hot Katta Sambal for your Awurudu Table in Sri Lanka.

Check katta sambola recipe

Achcharu (Sri Lankan Pickle)

Achcharu! mmm mouthwatering just by hearing the name. It is another pickle which is popular during the New Year season in Sri Lanka.

Recipes for Sri Lankan pickle and Polos Achcharu

Sri Lankan Traditional Sweets

There are many traditional sweets which takes place the attention of April New Year dining table. Here are some of the sweets that you can find in Sri Lanka. Although I am unable to share a new recipe this time, I hope these recipes will help you to fill your New Year table.

Konda Kavum (oil cakes)

Konda Kavum recipe

Konda Kavum

Konda Kawum or oil cakes are the best sweets to celebrate any occasion in Sri Lanka.Check Kavum recipe.


Sri Lankan Kokis recipe

Sri Lankan Kokis

Without kokis and without the cracking noice, you will not entertain your time during the April New Year!Check Sri Lankan Kokis Recipe.

Mung Guli

Mung Guli recipe

Mung Guli

Mung Guli is another Sri Lankan traditional sweet which is really easy to cook.Check Mung Guli recipe.


recipe for Aluwa


Few years ago,I cooked Aluwa. This is easy to cook. I hope my Aluwa recipe will help you to add another sweet to your Sinhala & Hindu New Year table. I received emails from few readers who tried this recipe. So, now it is your turn to try!Here is the recipe for Aluwa

Mung Kavum

Mung Kavum

Mung Kavum

Mung kavum is bit similar to the Mung Guli. The shape is different but taste will be mostly the same. Check this Mung Kavum recipe. It is easy to cook!

Kalu Dodol


Kalu Dodol

Dodol is another Sri Lankan traditional sweets that you can find during the New year season or in any ceremonial festival or occasion.Read more about Sri Lankan Kalu dodol.

Asmi (Aasmi)

Aasmi (Asmi) from Sri Lanka

Aasmi (Asmi) from Sri Lanka

Asmi or Aasmi is another delicious sweet from Sri Lanka which is popular in any celebration. It is crunchy and it is sweet. Aasmi can make you craving for sweets. New Year is the special period that you can find Aasmi and a plate of Asmi can easily make your New Year table beautiful and complete!

Milk Toffee (Kiri Toffee)

Milk Toffee

Milk Toffee (Kiri Toffee)

Milk toffee is another sweet that is popular among Sri Lankans. I am not sure that I can category this as a traditional Sri Lankan sweet or not. But, it is really easy to cook. If you look for easy Sri Lankan recipes for April New Year, try this Milk Toffee recipe.

Well, it is a bit long post. I added most of the traditional sweets and treats from Sri Lanka which you can cook for the April New Year. I am planning to update this post time to time. So, donโ€™t forget to book mark the page for latest updates.

I hope this collection of recipes will help you to prepare for the Sinhala & Hindu New Year! Please try the recipes. And as always I am waiting to rad yur comments and emails regarding the recipes. Please let me know if you try these.

Wish you all Sri Lankans a Happy & Prosperous Sinhala & Hindu New Year!

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New Year Recipes from Sri Lanka

New Year Recipes from Sri Lanka